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Betty Green Ministries

We corrected the PayPal issues we've been having -Thank you for your continued patience and support!

1. Jan - Dec: We are part of worldwide Prayer Movement and Spiritual Warfare to intercede for our nation and the world.

2. Pastor Betty has written 5 books during Quarantine: High Heel Warriors, God's Victorious Airforce, Power of Jesus' Blood, Mindsets (all $25) and Becoming God-Minded ($40)

(by PayPal payment and filling out "Contact Us Comment" section: which book you want - Thank You)

3. Prayer and Fasting Retreats - TBD

4. OCT 11 - OCT 19: Feast of Tabernacles in Hartford VT @ Praise Chapel. Call 603 443 0592 or go to:

Ps. Betty has been going every year for 30+ years.  

This year, Pastor Betty Green will be celebrating her 50th anniversary preaching           God's Word.

If you would like Pastor Betty Green to minister at your church or function please contact her at (828) 610-3031

More information Listed on Facebook

For Information or Registration, Please Call: 828-610-3031

Pray for our Nation, Israel & the world!